Imam Nazir Ahmed Sahb (Retired)

_MG_2616Imam Nazir Ahmed Sahb
Age 64

Son of late janab Moulana Muhammad Azhar Ali of Balagonj Thana who studied at Kalkata madrasah and completed his title at Darul Uloom Deoband
His father was a big scholar & big Wali of Allah
He passed away while Moulana Nazir Ahmed Sahb was only 6

At age 10 Moulana Nazir Ahmed Sahb went to study Alim course at Gholmo Kaphon Madrasa at Balagonj
Later changed his mind to study hifdh ul Qur’an at the age of 15 and Alhamdulillah completed the entire Qur’an in 1 year under the guidance of Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Mahmoodul Hasan, who was blind from birth.
His teachers memory of the entire Quran was like the memory of Surah al Fatiha.

Then immediately after his teacher requested that he gives a Hifdh exam which included over 80 Madrasahs (Islamic institutes)
And by the Grace of Allah he came first out of thousands.

Then he went back to studying the Alim course again at Sylhet Government Madrasah and received his title after 8 years at age 25
And was certified Kamil Muhaddith.

In 1981 he became an Imam at the army contelment in Bangladesh Rongpur.
In 1982 his Mother (May Allah have mercy on her soul) fell ill and passed away.

Then for the next 3 Years he became Super intendant of Madrasah, Sandayr Para Balagonj.

In 1984 he was certified a Qari by the late Hazrat Allama Abdul Lateef Sahb fultali Sahb (May Allah have mercy on his soul) who was his spiritual teacher.

In Jan 1985 he was offered to become the Main Imam and khateeb of Hyde Jamia masjid and has been serving this community since, for 28 years.